How To Write Convincing Copy

Persuade me with a thousand words and you confuse me. With everything you do, KISS takes the day. KISS means keep it short and simple. This is to ensure you become more clear and non-repetitive.

For example, if you are a company that offers SEO consulting in Cleveland Ohio you need to make a perfect copy your clarity decides whether your message is understood .your copy should borrow he same leaf. There even is a quote hat said your copy should be like a window in a shop to clearly show everything you are trying to sell. Below are some of the tips that will make you sell any product in this world.

Conversation style

When you decide to buy a car from a car salesman or you buy things from a store you never planned to, then you might have bought the seller and not the product. Similarly in a copy, you should know that people are looking for a language that directly speaks to them. Write as if you are a human being and not a machine.Going back to our search engine optimization consultants example, you want the content to read well for a real person. If you have phrase like ‘seo consultant cleveland oh‘… It does not read well for a human. So you could clean it up to say ‘An SEO Consultant in Cleveland Ohio’. Use active voice speak through the copy assuming the customer is there. This will raise he customers trust and desire to buy a product.

Narrative structure

What did our parents do when you were young before you slept? They would always tell you a story. Without a story, you could not fall asleep. Our brains were born to always like stories. Why do you think great speakers make you very emotional tell you stories? It is because you can easily relate to a story. Therefore, in your copy avoid being too flat. Follow the process of writing a narrative: have an opening, body, climax and resolution. This will make our copy interesting to the customer.

Scannable elements

The culture of reading is slowly fading with the advancement in technology. This means that people nowadays do not need long essays. Make sure your copy is scannable by having short paragraphs, bullet points and images if possible.

Here is a video that will also help you find some great insight into how to create great copy for your website:

How to create killer convincing copy