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How to feed goldfish

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to feeding your goldfish. However, it’s important to ensure that you feed them with the right food and in the right proportion. Fish flakes, while packed with nutrients, should not be the only food that you use.

fishThink of your goldfish’s diet as you do your own. Fish need and enjoy a varied diet, so it’s good to mix it up a little bit. If you were to eat the same kind of food day in, day out, you would become bored and it probably would not be good for your health over a long period of time either. You may even become sick. The same thing applies to your goldfish. Goldfish are pretty easy to keep, but a good mixed diet helps to keep them healthy. As stated before, fish flakes are good but they tend to float on top of the water so when your goldfish eats the flakes they can sometimes gulp in some air which can bring about constipation and swim bladder problems.

You can buy food pellets that sink to the bottom of the tank. Again, these are nutritious and many goldfish enjoy foraging around the gravel. Sometimes the gravel or any waste material laying on the bottom of your tank can be mistaken for the pellets which could cause problems when your fish feeds on them so make sure that your tank is quite clean at the bottom without unnecessary debris.

breedsThere are also clips that have suction cups on them and these can be placed around the sides of your aquarium. You can add a variety of vegetables to the clips which can spruce up the diet of your fish. You can try it with a wide range of green leafy vegetables to see which one appeals to your goldfish. Vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, lettuce and peas are good to start with. Peas are particularly good for your fish and are almost like a wonder food. They can help with a number of health issues including constipation.

Finally, do not overfeed your fish. This can do more harm than good. One of the key problems that overfeeding can cause is swim bladder problems. This can cause your goldfish to act in a very strange way! A great solution to fish overfeeding is an automatic feeder.  Make sure to read some reviews of electronic fish feeders before you buy one.  If you wish for your goldfish to live happily as well as healthily, better find out first how to feed goldfish in the right way, before you even buy and start raising them.

Free Pokie Download Games On The Internet

jackpotPokies is one of the most popular gambling games in Australia. Pokie, which is essentially the same as slot machines, is really easy to play; you just need to place a bet, follow some simple instructions and that’s it. The only thing you need to win in this game is good luck and nothing else. If you manage to win one of the many possible combinations, you can get rich in a span of seconds!

Though its popularity may be high, you can only find these pokie machines on casinos situated in major Australian cities. This is quite unfortunate if you live in small towns and cities, where there are few to no casinos. You can settle playing on pubs, but they offer fewer prizes compared to casinos, which means you will not get to enjoy it as much as you would in a casino.

Fortunately, there is a much simple alternative for you to play these pokie games. Pokie free download games are available on the Internet, waiting for you to play them in the comfort of your own home.

You can play these pokie free download anytime and anywhere you wish. The game is almost a perfect copy of the actual game; it’s as if you were playing at the casino! With these games, you can play it anytime and anywhere, even if you’re at home or at the office, or even with your friends if you have a smartphone with you. Truly convenient indeed!

Best online pokie games have two different categories: the non-betting pokie games, and pokie games that involve betting. The non-betting pokie games, as the name suggests, do not require any bets to be made. The only bets you will make are virtual bets, which will not come from your money. The second one, however, is exactly the opposite, as you will need to have an account to fund your bets on the games. Check out a gambling review site before trying one of these.

Non-betting games are not risky, as they do not involve any money whatsoever. If you lose, you lose nothing, but you also gain nothing but virtual money if you win the game. This type of game is only for your fun and pleasure. Betting games, however, requires and involves real money, just like in casinos. If you lose, you lose money in real life as well. However, if you win, you win real cash as well. However, there is a risk in doing this type of game…

Some gambling websites that offer these pokie games have turned to scam. Meaning, if you lose, you lose the amount you have a bet. If you win, they will promise you that you will have it in the next few weeks or so. However, upon waiting weeks and weeks, you will find out that you have been scammed of your money. This is a huge risk indeed.

As it presents quite a risk, it is recommended that you play the best online pokie games that do not require bets and real money. However, as a gambler, you will want to play with risks. Before registering, make sure that the website you are currently registered to is genuinely paying the winners.

There are a number of websites that offer free pokie download games. Make sure that yours is legit and genuinely paying before you play and gamble with them.

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How Friendly Are Vietnamese Girls?

This is what we call copy writing in person.  These girls must have read the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.  All of them.  They are just absolutely amazing and come off so genuine.

Vietnamese girls are some of the friendliest girls on the planet. They are also considered some of the most beautiful girls in Southeast Asia. Yet despite that, they can be very humble.

A big part of the Vietnamese culture is this humility and loyalty. Connected to that is the lack of secrecy when it comes their personalities. Vietnamese girls are very transparent.


Blatant Transparency

They’re willing to display their emotions, which is something that will come through in their voice and body language. Unlike girls from Europe or North America or even other Asian countries, Vietnamese girls do not hide their true personalities. What you see is what you get. There are no barriers. In a lot of ways it is easy to see right through them, which can both be a great relief but also a bit frustrating at times. At least with Vietnamese girls you always know where you stand.


Due to their culture, a lot of Vietnamese girls are still very old-fashioned. That can be particularly charming if you know how to deal with it. If for instance you’ve met a nice girl and would like to date her, they truly appreciate it if you formally asked them. They are independent and supportive in a modern way, but at the same time they want to feel respected and loved. That means that they appreciate being taken care off and being treated like a real woman.

Family Oriented

Wanting to take care of family is a virtue a lot of they possess. It goes hand-in-hand with loyalty and humility, and if you are looking for true love, this is one aspect to look out for. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they only want to take care of their own family, or that they expect that you take care of theirs. While it is true that when you marry a girl from Vietnam you also marry her family; don’t forget that if a you get married, she also marries your family. Hence they are also very willing to take care of you and your immediate family.

Intense Relations

Being in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl can be very intense in an emotional sense. Since they don’t necessarily hide their feelings, jealousy and anger can easily come to the surface. This may even be a good thing, because that way you know that she is truly in love with you. While these dynamics may seem old-fashioned at times, they will also pave the way to an intensely romantic relationship.

Meeting A Vietnamese Girl

Meeting a girl in Vietnam is very easy. Since they are so open it is not that difficult to simply approach one and begin a conversation. Even if they’re not interested in you they will be friendly, and before soon you will know where you stand. If you want to ask one out don’t be afraid to do so. If the answer is yes, then you may stand a good chance. But if the answer is no, don’t worry too much about it. There are plenty more friendly Vietnamese girls out there.

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How To Write Convincing Copy

Persuade me with a thousand words and you confuse me. With everything you do, KISS takes the day. KISS means keep it short and simple. This is to ensure you become more clear and non-repetitive.

For example, if you are a company that offers SEO consulting in Cleveland Ohio you need to make a perfect copy your clarity decides whether your message is understood .your copy should borrow he same leaf. There even is a quote hat said your copy should be like a window in a shop to clearly show everything you are trying to sell. Below are some of the tips that will make you sell any product in this world.

Conversation style

When you decide to buy a car from a car salesman or you buy things from a store you never planned to, then you might have bought the seller and not the product. Similarly in a copy, you should know that people are looking for a language that directly speaks to them. Write as if you are a human being and not a machine.Going back to our search engine optimization consultants example, you want the content to read well for a real person. If you have phrase like ‘seo consultant cleveland oh‘… It does not read well for a human. So you could clean it up to say ‘An SEO Consultant in Cleveland Ohio’. Use active voice speak through the copy assuming the customer is there. This will raise he customers trust and desire to buy a product.

Narrative structure

What did our parents do when you were young before you slept? They would always tell you a story. Without a story, you could not fall asleep. Our brains were born to always like stories. Why do you think great speakers make you very emotional tell you stories? It is because you can easily relate to a story. Therefore, in your copy avoid being too flat. Follow the process of writing a narrative: have an opening, body, climax and resolution. This will make our copy interesting to the customer.

Scannable elements

The culture of reading is slowly fading with the advancement in technology. This means that people nowadays do not need long essays. Make sure your copy is scannable by having short paragraphs, bullet points and images if possible.

Here is a video that will also help you find some great insight into how to create great copy for your website: